6. Taming Time Signatures
6-1 Taming Time Signatures Lesson 1 (Basic)

The basics of entering and changing Time Signatures in Finale.

Covered in this video - 6/8 vs 6/8 (as 2 dotted quarters vs 6 individual 8th notes), 4/4 and 2/2 vs common time and cut time, and rebar-ing vs not rebar-ing music for a Time Signature Change when there is music present.

Finale V26.1

6-2 Taming Time Signatures Lesson 2 (Intermediate)

Discover the magic of Finale’s “Show As Another Time Signature” option.

Also covered in this video - The ins and outs of Composite Time Signatures, finding the outer limits of Finale’s Time Signature Tool and creating a cadenza bar.

Finale V26.1

6-3 Taming Time Signatures Lesson 3 (Basic)
Pickup Measures

Create pickup measures including ones with odd durations (like 5 8th notes) that are not available as preset options.  There’s also a hack for creating a mid-piece pickup measure.

Finale V26.1

6-4 Taming Time Signatures Lesson 4 (Advanced)
Customization and Large Time Signatures

Document Options for Time Signatures to customize positioning and fonts.

Also covered in this video - creating larger Time Signatures and creating oversized Time Signatures for scores.

Finale V26.1

6-5 Taming Time Signatures Lesson 5 (Advanced)
Alternating Time Signatures

Learn how to create Alternating meters like the 6/8+3/4 in West Side Story’s “America”.

Also covered is a hack for replacing the + sign with parenthesis.

Finale V26.1

6-6 Taming Time Signatures Lesson 6 (Advanced)
Independent Time Signatures

Independent Time Signatures with concurrent barlines.  (Finale’s native way and easy to do.)

Independent Time Signatures with staggered barlines.  (It’s a complicated hack so get some popcorn!)

Finale V26.1

6-7 Taming Time Signatures Lesson 7 (Intermediate)

Although they’re hidden, Metatools are available for time signatures in Finale. Learn how to use them and program them.

Finale V26.1

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