3. Managing the Score Manager

3-1 Managing the Score Manager Lesson 1 (Basic)

Setup Wizard and File Info

This video takes you through the Launch Window and the Setup Wizard. In addition there’s a basic overview of the File Info part of the Score Manager where you can manipulate titles and other text information in your score.

Finale V26.1

3-2 Managing the Score Manager Lesson 2 (Basic)

The basics of the Instrument List in the Score Manager. Learn how to add, delete and change instruments and their names as well as rearrange the score order in a variety of ways plus a few other helpful tips.

Finale V26.1

3-3 Managing the Score Manager Lesson 3 (Intermediate)

A look at staff attributes in the Instrument List.

Covered in this video - Color Noteheads, Custom Transpositions, Staff Lines and First Clefs.

Of note, I will look at the particular problem that arises when an instrument transposes into the key of F# when you want it to be in Gb.

Finale V26.1

Hot Tip: Transpose to F# or Gb

For transposing instruments you will occasionally run into the problem where the part ends up in F# where Gb might make more sense.  This video will walk you through the steps in order to force Finale to make that instrument transpose into Gb instead!

Special thanks to my cousin Zach Heyde, www.zachheyde.com for the new, original underscoring for the Hot Tips!  videos!

Finale v26.2

3-4 Managing the Score Manager Lesson 4 (Advanced)

Mute, solo, pan and mix as well as change sounds and even whole VSTs right from the Instrument List. There are also a few creative ideas for manipulating the sounds in different layers in a staff.

Finale V26.1

3-5 Managing the Score Manager Lesson 5 (Intermediate)
Change Instruments

Changing instruments in Finale is actually quite simple! This video will show you everything from start to finish about Finale’s Instrument Change function.  There are just a couple of ways to actually make an instrument change, several things to understand about what’s happening under the hood (in the Score Manager and in the Aria player). There are also a couple of problems that occur in specific circumstance (automatic double barlines at instrument transposition changes and key cancellations for un-pitched percussion) and a few other limitations with the Instrument Change function to know about. All of this is covered in this one video.

Finale V26.2

Hot Tip: Multiple Transpositions
(For the Same Part!)

Learn how to create multiple parts with different transpositions linked to a common, generic line from the score. This tip will be especially useful to educational arrangers who often have ensembles with unique configurations of instruments. In this video I walk through how to manipulate the Manage Parts… window and the Score Manager to turn a single Bass line from the score into parts for String Bass, Tuba, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet and Bari Saxophone all linked together!

Finale v26.2

3-6 Managing the Score Manager Lesson 6 (Advanced)

I'm hard at work creating new videos for you!

3-7A Managing the Score Manager Lesson 7A (Advanced)
Tablature Staff Attributes

Setting up a TAB staff in Finale is not too tricky but there are a few options available which will give you some control over certain aspects of the Tablature Notation Style. This video will walk through adding TAB staves as well as all the options available for those staves and a few other tricks worth knowing when setting up a TAB staff.

Finale v26.3

3-7B Managing the Score Manager Lesson 7B (Advanced)
Fretboard Instrument Definition

Finale will allow you to set up any fretted instrument that you would like with any number of strings, frets and whatever tuning you want using the Fretboard Instrument Definition dialogue box. These custom fretted instruments will have implications for how the TAB staff works as well as how the Fretboard Diagrams are created. This video will walk you through this process by demonstrating how to set up a standard guitar tuned down a half step. Finale also supports diatonically fretted instruments like the Dulcimer so I’ll walk you through setting that as well.

Finale v26.3

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