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4. Corralling Clefs
4-1 Corralling Clefs Lesson 1 (Basic)

A basic look at how to use the Clef Tool in Finale. Mid-measure clef changes and clef after barline is also covered.

Finale V26.1

4-2 Corralling Clefs Lesson 2 (Advanced)

Customize the look of your clef’s position, font and spacing. Also covered is The Clef Designer which will allow you to make your own custom clefs.

Finale V26.1

4-3 Corralling Clefs Lesson 3 (Advanced)
v27 Update: SMuFL Clefs

The new SMuFL fonts in Finale provide us with a lot of new clefs to choose from. I’ll give you a tour of what exists and what you can do with them. In addition, this video takes a deeper dive into some of the technical aspects of the Clef Designer that I didn’t cover in the previous Corralling Clefs videos. Specifically, how accidentals in Key Signatures are oriented for each clef. This information is more relevant now that there are more clefs to choose from. The bottom line is that you have to be careful about which clefs you edit and how.

Finale V27.0

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