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12. Layers, Layers, Layers

Layer functionality is fairly widespread throughout many areas of Finale. Various tools in Finale will allow for special functions to be applied to any individual layer or to all layers. Because of this I will mainly cover layers as they relate to other topics in the lessons specific to those other topics. As videos and topics are added to Conquering Finale I will add jump links here to direct you to the conversations about layers pertaining to those topics.

3-4 Sound and mixing controls for layers using Score Manager

8-2 Entering notes in layers in Simple Entry

9-2 Entering notes in layers in Speedy Entry

10-2 Entering Notes in layers in HyperScribe

13-1 Entering Articulations in layers

15-3 Expression Assignment for specific layers

The videos here in the Layers, Layers, Layers category will touch on a few general or universal concepts for layers as well as a few useful tips for working with layers.

12-1 Layers, Layers, Layers Lesson 1 (Basic)

Finale allows you to use up to 4 different independent lines of notes and rests, known as “Layers”, per bar. This intro to layers video discusses the basic properties of layers, how to navigate between them and what it means to have a layer “active” or “inactive”. There’s also a discussion about the difference between layers 1/2 versus 3/4 and the difference between layers and Speedy Entry’s “Voices” feature.

Finale V26.1

12-2 Layers, Layers, Layers Lesson 2 (Intermediate)
Important Layer Manipulation Tools

Show Active Layer Only (0:50), Move/Copy Layers (5:41), the Move Rests Plug-In (9:55) and the JW Staff Polyphony Plug-In (16:44) are four incredibly useful tools to know how to use when manipulating notes in layers in Finale. I will teach you how to get the most of these tools which will unlock a whole new world of efficiency in Finale when it comes to working with layers. This is a must-watch tutorial for anyone with a Basic+ skillset in Finale!

Finale V26.1

12-3 Layers, Layers, Layers Lesson 3 (Intermediate)
Mute or Hide Layers

Occasionally it will become handy to mute or hide layers in your score or parts. This tutorial will teach you how to do both of those things globally, staff by staff, or more locally measure by measure. Muting layers begins the video, skip to 8:08 for hiding layers.

Finale V26.1

12-4 Layers, Layers, Layers Lesson 4 (Advanced)
Layers Options

I’ll walk you through all of the document options for layers as well as some options for displaying or printing layer colors in this lesson. Learn how to customize which layers get opposing stems and beams and how far the rests “float” above or below the center line when multiple layers are present. I’ll also talk about the various layer options available for hiding, applying adjustments, music spacing and rest consolidation. Finally, I’ll take a quick look at the color options available for layers in the Finale Preferences.

Finale V26.1

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