5. The Key to Key Signatures
5-1 The Key to Key Signatures Lesson 1 (Basic)

This covers the basics of how to enter and change keys in Finale. There’s also a discussion about how Finale handles relative keys differently (major vs minor) and I discuss methods (and pitfalls) of changing keys when there is music already present.

Finale V26.1

5-2 The Key to Key Signatures Lesson 2 (Advanced)

Document Options for Key Signatures.

Keyless keys and the difference between Keyless and “Hide Key Signature”. Enharmonic Spelling tables - what are they and how to use them to your advantage.

Finale V26.1

5-3 The Key to Key Signatures Lesson 3 (Advanced)

Independent Key Signatures

Using different keys for different instruments. Learn how to create Independent Key Signatures for the whole piece or just for small sections.

Finale V26.1

5-4 The Key to Key Signatures  L4 (Advanced)
Mid-Measure Key Change

This is a Key Signature hack that will allow you to put a key change in the middle of a bar!

Finale V26.1

5-5 The Key to Key Signatures  Lesson 5 (Intermediate)

Metatools are available in key signatures in Finale. I’ll show you how to use them and also how to program them.

Finale V26.1

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