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27. Grappling with Graphics
27-1 Grappling with Graphics Lesson 1 (Intermediate)
Embedding Graphics

The Graphics Tool in Finale is rather limited, but one of the things you can do is embed graphics into your scores. Graphics can be attached to measures or to pages and there’s a little bit to know about doing both of these things. There are also some manipulations that can be done on graphics in Finale, (not much, though), so we’ll cover all of that in this video.
Finale 27.4.1

27-2 Grappling with Graphics Lesson 2 (Intermediate)
Graphic Attributes

The Graphics Attributes window functions very similarly to the Frame Attributes window from the Text tool but with a few differences. This video will show you all that can be done in this window.

27-3 Grappling with Graphics Lesson 3 (Intermediate)
Exporting Graphics

Exporting Graphics is the other main thing that you can do with the Graphics Tool. You can export whole pages or just small selections from anywhere on the page. There are several file formats you can choose from, some options for transparency and DPI resolution and a few other things that might be helpful.

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