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Hot Tips!
Hot Tip: Shortcuts for Tools

Did you know that you can program Keyboard Shortcuts for tools in the main tool palette?  Well, you can!

Check out this short Hot Tip to see how to do it for both Mac and Windows!

Finale V26.2

Hot Tip: Transpose to F# or Gb

For transposing instruments you will occasionally run into the problem where the part ends up in F# where Gb might make more sense.  This video will walk you through the steps in order to force Finale to make that instrument transpose into Gb instead!

Special thanks to my cousin Zach Heyde, for the new, original underscoring for the Hot Tips!  videos!

Finale v26.2

Hot Tip: Multiple Transpositions
(For the Same Part!)

Learn how to create multiple parts with different transpositions linked to a common, generic line from the score. This tip will be especially useful to educational arrangers who often have ensembles with unique configurations of instruments. In this video I walk through how to manipulate the Manage Parts… window and the Score Manager to turn a single Bass line from the score into parts for String Bass, Tuba, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet and Bari Saxophone all linked together!

Finale v26.2

Hot Tip: Lightning Round

Welcome to the first Conquering Finale Hot Tips Lightning Round! There are 6 great mini-tips stuffed into 2 minutes in this video. You may know some of them, but I wonder if you know ALL of them? Comment in the YouTube video to let me know how many you already knew and how many are completely new to you!

Finale V26.3

Hot Tip: Hanging Courtesies

This Hot Tip is step by step directions for how to create cautionary Clefs, Key or Time Signatures in the last bar of a file, or “Hanging Courtesies” as I like to call them. This may be useful for Musical Theater or Opera composers and arrangers where the Attacca instruction is used quite often and songs or movements end up in separate files.

Finale V26.3

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