Spotlight on Plug-ins

Welcome to the Spotlight on Plug-ins


This series will look at all of the native and third-party plug-ins that are available for Finale. Each plug-in will get its own video. Keep checking back here as I'll try to add to this series as frequently as I can.

Spotlight on Plug-ins #1
Patterson's "Copyist's Helper"

Download the Patterson Plug-ins here:


Robert Patterson’s “Copyist’s Helper” plug-in is perhaps one of the most valuable plug-ins that you can own, particularly if you’re a musical theater copyist. This video highlights some amazing additions to the 6.03 version of the plug-in which was released on Feb. 6th, 2021. There’s a brand new feature that allows you to insert or delete measures while retaining the measure numbers (0:37). Yes, automatic A and B bars have finally become a reality in Finale! Inserting and Deleting Systems while also retaining bar numbers is the other new piece of this plug-in (8:23). Both of these features solve some other long-standing problems with inserting and deleting Measure Number Regions and/or Systems in Finale. This is an absolute MUST HAVE!


Starting at (13:33) I explore the already existing features of the Copyist’s Helper plug-in, mainly related to measure numbers, including a really helpful operation that can be done on Multimeasure Rest ranges that will list the ranges with the correct A and B or cut bars. The other side of the plug-in is the Instrument Headers tab (27:24). There’s a specific solution for listing the currently held instrument for Reed Doublers in page headers (28:44), and there’s a newer function that uses Finale’s Bookmarks to force-create section specific text blocks (33:57) which is useful for multi-movement files.

Finale V26.3

Spotlight on Plug-ins #2
Move Rests...

In this Spotlight on Plug-ins video, we take a look at Finale’s “Move Rests…” plug-in. It’s a rather simple yet powerful plug-in that is built into the program, so we all have access to it out of the box. This plug-in allows us to move all the rests within a selection vertically up or down any amount of steps that we want. This is particularly important when working with multiple layers on a staff or when working with rhythm parts where we may have cues above or below slash notation.

Finale V26.3

Spotlight on Plug-ins #3
Align/Move Dynamics

Download the TGTools Plug-ins here:


The Align/Move Dynamics… plug-in is a critical tool designed to help wrangle your Text Expression dynamics and Smart Shape hairpins into vertical alignment. It’s a rather simple tool with a few options and a lot of potential! At (12:20) I’ll even show you some built-in keyboard shortcuts that allow you to align and move your dynamics without even opening the plug-in.


Align/Move Dynamics… is part of the TGTools Lite package that comes with Finale, but later in the video (14:29), I’ll explore some of the more advanced features of the TGTools Pro version which is simply called Align/Move… With the pro version there are a lot more refinements that can be made, and other things, aside from dynamics, (like pedal lines for piano), can also be aligned.

Finale V26.3

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