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23-6B The Missing Link(ed) Parts Lesson 6B (Advanced)
27.2 Update: Fixed-Sized H-Bars

In the 27.2 update, Finale managed to sneak in an extra option into the Multimeasure Rest Document Options and Multimeasure Rest Edit window that allows you to not stretch the shape. This makes it much easier to get Fixed-Size H-Bars for your Multimeasure Rests in Finale!

Finale V27.2

25. Be Wise, Resize
Subscriber Request #9
Play Only 1st or 2nd Time

This topic has been requested by both Vinny Ciro and Murilo Alvarenga, and possibly other people that I’ve forgotten. It’s a common question that I get asked formally and informally all the time and a question that gets asked on the forums quite often. So, without any further delay(!), this video will show you my method for getting Finale to playback notes only the 1st or 2nd time in repeats. There are two scenarios covered here, the first is when an instrument just needs to play a note in the first bar of a repeat the 1st time only and/or plays a pick-up phrase at the end of the repeat the 2nd time only. The second scenario (5:11) is what to do when you have alternate lines in the same measures of a repeated passage. Using Layers 1 and 2, and some other sorcery, it’s possible to get the right lines to play during the correct passes of the repeat.

Finale V27.0

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Finale 27 was released on June 15th, 2021.

Many of the videos on this site were created using Finale 26, but unless otherwise noted, they are all still very relevant to version 27. The videos here will summarize the changes made in version 27 and will also serve as addendums to several of the categories that may have been impacted by those changes, particularly the addition of the SMuFL fonts.

You can also check out the official Finale 27 Review I did with Philip Rothman at Scoring Notes:

Finale version 27 review: SMuFL and MusicXML 4.0 support

And the Podcast:

Finale 27 and the SMuFL Shuffle

On 11/16/21, Finale released the first maintenance update, Finale 27.1

Check out the Scoring Notes review here:

Finale version 27.1: SMuFL burrows deeper

On 3/2/22, Finale released the second maintenance update, Finale 27.2 (Anchor Link)

Check out the Scoring Notes review here:

Finale version 27.2: ???

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3/2/22 -

Finale 27.2: Gettin' Jazzy with SMuFL


On March 2, 2022, Finale released the second maintenance update to Finale, version 27.2. This is the first version that is natively compatible with Apple Silicon. There are some excellent additions to the stable of Default Files that come packaged with Finale including a brand new Jazz Document Style that's completely redesigned and updated with consultation from Darcy James Argue. Check out this video for all the latest features and updates.

Or you can check out the written review I did with Philip Rothman on Scoring Notes. (NEW LINK)

2/11/22 -

Be Wise, Resize


There are many ways to deal with sizing and scaling elements in Finale. I've discussed many of these methods as I've been going with the other categories, but this mini-series of three videos really gives you some detailed insight into how sizing and scaling operate in Finale. The first video will deal with the Resize Tool in Finale, the second will discuss all the other attached elements that get resized when you resize the 5 levels of scalability in Finale, noteheads, notes, staves, systems, and pages, and the final video will deal with a few special items in Finale that can be scaled in unique ways.

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Spotlight on Plug-ins #12
Patterson Parenthesize Trill-To Notes

Download the Patterson Plug-ins here:



Robert Paterson’s ingenious “Parenthesize Trill-To Notes…” plug-in make very quick work of turning grace notes into parenthesized notes that appear after a note for the purposes of clarifying the trilled pitch. With this plug-in, a little bit of knowledge about best practices will go a long way in getting good results. Ultimately, it can be simple to use if you know how to set up the grace notes correctly. There are some other advanced options that will give you some control over the characters being used for the parentheses as well as positioning of the parentheses characters and the whole trill-to note relative to the main note. Finally, there’s a way to use this plug-in to create gliss-to notes as well, and at the end of the video, (17:35), I’ll show you how to get that extra functionality out of this plug-in.

Finale V27.1