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23-6B The Missing Link(ed) Parts Lesson 6B (Advanced)
27.2 Update: Fixed-Sized H-Bars

In the 27.2 update, Finale managed to sneak in an extra option into the Multimeasure Rest Document Options and Multimeasure Rest Edit window that allows you to not stretch the shape. This makes it much easier to get Fixed-Size H-Bars for your Multimeasure Rests in Finale!

Finale V27.2

25. Be Wise, Resize
Subscriber Request #11
Tacets During Cadenzas

Cadenzas can be tricky in Finale to set up in the first place, but also tricky is what to do with the other instruments that are resting during a cadenza. Barry Nitikman had asked me how to do this, and although there are actually several ways to accomplish this, I’ve come up with a somewhat novel approach when the cadenza covers more than one bar using a custom shape as a Multimeasure rest character!

Finale 27.2

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Finale 27 was released on June 15th, 2021.

Many of the videos on this site were created using Finale 26, but unless otherwise noted, they are all still very relevant to version 27. The videos here will summarize the changes made in version 27 and will also serve as addendums to several of the categories that may have been impacted by those changes, particularly the addition of the SMuFL fonts.

You can also check out the official Finale 27 Review I did with Philip Rothman at Scoring Notes:

Finale version 27 review: SMuFL and MusicXML 4.0 support

And the Podcast:

Finale 27 and the SMuFL Shuffle

On 11/16/21, Finale released the first maintenance update, Finale 27.1

Check out the Scoring Notes review here:

Finale version 27.1: SMuFL burrows deeper

On 3/2/22, Finale released the second maintenance update, Finale 27.2 (Anchor Link)

Check out the Scoring Notes review here:

Finale version 27.2: ???

              The Latest News              

3/2/22 -

Finale 27.2: Gettin' Jazzy with SMuFL


On March 2, 2022, Finale released the second maintenance update to Finale, version 27.2. This is the first version that is natively compatible with Apple Silicon. There are some excellent additions to the stable of Default Files that come packaged with Finale including a brand new Jazz Document Style that's completely redesigned and updated with consultation from Darcy James Argue. Check out this video for all the latest features and updates.

Or you can check out the written review I did with Philip Rothman on Scoring Notes. (NEW LINK)

2/11/22 -

Be Wise, Resize


There are many ways to deal with sizing and scaling elements in Finale. I've discussed many of these methods as I've been going with the other categories, but this mini-series of three videos really gives you some detailed insight into how sizing and scaling operate in Finale. The first video will deal with the Resize Tool in Finale, the second will discuss all the other attached elements that get resized when you resize the 5 levels of scalability in Finale, noteheads, notes, staves, systems, and pages, and the final video will deal with a few special items in Finale that can be scaled in unique ways.

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Spotlight on Plug-ins #13
Installing and Using JW/RGP Lua

Click here for the  JW or RGP Lua Plug-in


Click here to download Lua Scripts


Extra Michael McClennan scripts


Click here for a starter guide on programming in RGP Lua

Welcome to Finale Lua! This video will explore the JW and RGP Lua system of plug-ins and scripts. I’ll spend a little time explaining what Lua is and then guide you through the process of installing RGP Lua, (recommended for recent versions of Finale), and then installing the individual scripts to run inside of RGP Lua. There are over 100 Lua scripts as of the making of this video, so I will only give you a brief demo of a few of them, but I highly encourage you to explore the Lua script repository that was set up by Nick Mazuk. A huge thanks to Jari Williamsson and Robert Patterson for creating and maintaining the Finale Lua system and another huge thanks to all the script contributors including Robert and Jari as well as Nick Mazuk, Jacob Winkler, Carl Vine, Michael McClennan, and CJ Garcia. Their tireless work has created an ecosystem of plug-ins and scripts that is bringing enormous efficiency gains in Finale for the benefit of all of us!

Finale V27.2

Spotlight on Plug-ins #14
Chord Kerner

To download the Chord Kerner Lua script, visit this page on Michael McClennan’s website:



Michael McClennan has created an incredible tool for editing chord suffixes called Chord Kerner. Chord Kerner, which runs on RGP Lua, effectively replaces Finale’s built-in Chord Suffix Editor. If you’ve ever tried to use that editor, you’ll understand how horrible it really is. Michael’s Chord Kerner does everything that the Chord Suffix Editor does (and a little more) except with a much better user interface! Changing the positions of individual characters (4:24) is a breeze, as is adjusting fonts, styles, and the characters themselves (9:30). There’s even a (nuclear) option that will show you every chord in your suffix library in your score (13:56). There’s some bonus material towards the end of the video that’s definitely worth watching if you’re curious about James Darcy Argue’s Jazz chord library. I even demonstrate a version of his library that I created using the Arial font (19:08).


I’m making that Arial Chord Suffix Library available for free to anybody that wants to have it! It was an INCREDIBLE amount of work (all done with the Chord Kerner tool), so although it’s free… a donation to the Conquering Finale series is always welcome! Click the link below to download the ZIP file. When you open it, you’ll get a .lib file as well as a PDF with instructions on how to install the library and some other recommended settings for the Document Options to give you the best results. This library will only work with v27.2 and later.

Finale V27.2

Jason's Arial Chord Suffix Library