Hello and welcome to Conquering Finale! My name is Jason Loffredo and I will be your host and tutor as you learn ALL there is to know about Finale.

I have over 25 years worth of experience with Finale and as a copyist have worked on everything from Hollywood movies to Broadway shows to published classical music and everything in between, mostly with Finale. This entire series of tutorial videos will be a constant and likely long work in progress, so please be patient as I continue to add categories and videos. I hope you enjoy the videos and more importantly I hope that this tutorial series will get you all on you way to Conquering Finale!

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The videos are always free for anyone to watch but please consider making a donation of anything you can to help offset some of the costs associated with producing these tutorials.

~Thanks, Jason

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5/18/21 -

The Missing Link(ed) Parts


This is a dedicated series for learning all about how Linked Parts work in Finale. Covered is everything from the basics of how linked vs. unlinked items work to setting up custom Linked Parts to setting up Linked Parts from shared staves to Extracted Parts to Multimeasure Rests.


New Spotlight on Plug-ins - TGTools Process Extracted Parts...



Nick Mazuk's Keyboard Maestro Course


Keyboard Maestro Course - YouTube Playlist


Nick Mazuk has recently released a whole course on using Keyboard Maestro with Finale! I took a beta version of this course several months ago and found it invaluable to understanding how to use Keyboard Maestro with Finale. There are currently 21 videos in the YouTube Playlist that will teach you everything from very simple scripts to much longer, complex scripts. If you're already a Keyboard Maestro user, the lessons on Pallettes alone will change your whole perspective (if you don't already use them).

Keyboard Maestro is a Mac-only program right now, so my apologies to the Windows users out there; this course won't do you any good right now.

I get asked a lot about Keyboard Maestro and I'm glad that Nick has finally released this course because he understands it a lot better than I do! If you've been curious about Keyboard Maestro or if you've been struggling to make it work for you, definitely check out this course!

I'm now offering one-on-one online Finale lessons!

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