Hello and welcome to Conquering Finale! My name is Jason Loffredo and I will be your host and tutor as you learn ALL there is to know about Finale.

I have over 25 years worth of experience with Finale and as a copyist have worked on everything from Hollywood movies to Broadway shows to published classical music and everything in between, mostly with Finale. This entire series of tutorial videos will be a constant and likely long work in progress, so please be patient as I continue to add categories and videos. I hope you enjoy the videos and more importantly I hope that this tutorial series will get you all on you way to Conquering Finale!

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              The Latest News              

1/13/20 -


The Smart Shapes tutorials are finally posted! This is a hefty category weighing in at 13 videos, but the Smart Shapes tool encompasses a lot of sub tools for things like slurs, hairpins, trills, octave lines and many more. They all behave similarly but sometimes slightly differently so check out the new videos and learn how to outsmart Finale when it comes to "Smart" Shapes.

12/18/19 -


6-Week Online FINALE Class!

Excellent news, I'll be teaching a 6 week online Finale course this winter! This will be a beginners course with an emphasis on using Finale for theater music. It will be every Saturday morning at 10am (EST) from January 11th to February 16th. This will be a great course for anyone with zero to maybe a couple of years experience with Finale. A special thanks to Geraldine Anello via the

Theater Music Directors Facebook page for organizing this. Click on the link above for more details and to reserve your spot!

12/9/19 -



The HyperScribe Lessons are now posted. Learn all about this mysterious and often forgotten method of entering notes in Finale.

It does take some getting use to, but there are a few neat tricks that you can do with HyperScribe.

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1. Introduction
1-1 Conquering Finale Introduction

Please watch this quick introductory video where I discuss my basic philosophies of understanding the program. In addition I will show you some tips for navigating around the program. Feel free to leave comments and email me with questions or requests for other videos.  JasonConquersFinale@gmail.com

Finale V26.1

For questions or comments email me at
A video tutorial series teaching a comprehensive understanding of Finale Music Notation Software