Hello and welcome to Conquering Finale! My name is Jason Loffredo and I will be your host and tutor as you learn ALL there is to know about Finale.

I have over 25 years worth of experience with Finale and as a copyist have worked on everything from Hollywood movies to Broadway shows to published classical music and everything in between, mostly with Finale. This entire series of tutorial videos will be a constant and likely long work in progress, so please be patient as I continue to add categories and videos. I hope you enjoy the videos and more importantly I hope that this tutorial series will get you all on you way to Conquering Finale!

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The videos are always free for anyone to watch but please consider making a donation of anything you can to help offset some of the costs associated with producing these tutorials.

~Thanks, Jason

              The Latest News              

12/9/21 -

A Special Tools Investigation


For Finale users that have found themselves wanting to get into the weeds to tweak things like stem heights, or beam angles, or accidental positioning, they've already taken a dive into Finale's Special Tools Palette. There are 18 individual tools in the Special Tools palette which allow you to make positioning, character, or even sizing changes to notes, noteheads, accidentals, stems, beams, ties, and dots. But unless you really spend some time nosing through the manual, you probably don't have a firm grasp on how these tools work, or what's even possible with these tools!

In this exhaustive investigation into the Special Tools palette, you will learn everything you could ever need to know about fine-tuning these elements of your notation. These videos are sure to take you from an intermediate Finale user to a bonafide Poweruser!

11/16/21 -

Finale 27.1: Bridging the SMuFL Divide


The first maintenance update to Finale 27 has been released today. Version 27.1 adds a lot of deepened support for SMuFL including conversion from non-SMuFL to SMuFL fonts. Check out the latest video which will cover all of the new and improved features.

Or you can check out the written review I did with Philip Rothman on Scoring Notes.

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